Contacts in PSOhub are automatically generated when promoting a HubSpot deal, Salesforce or Microsoft CRM oppoprtunity in PSOhub. You can however create a contact directly in PSOhub.

Go to contacts and click on 'Create'

A window will open give here the following information about your contact:

  • First name: Input here the first name of your contact

  • Last name: Input here the last name of your contact

  • Date of Birth: Input here the Date of Birth of your contact (not mandatory)

  • Job title: Input here the Job title of your contact

  • E-mail: mandatory field

  • Phone number: Input here the phone number of your contact

  • Select company: This selection can be utilized if there is a company already existing in PSOhub and the contact is related to this company. The contact can be linked directly to the company.

  • Add company: A New company can be created directly in PSOhub, click on 'Add company'.

When your contact is created, click on the contact and it will bring you to the contact page. All information regarding the contact will be displayed in the left hand side panel.

To 'Edit' the contact details or 'Delete' click on the drop down menu of the 'More' button to do so.

Projects where this contact has been selected will be displayed on the right hand side panel of the contact.

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