You can create a company in your CRM and bring it over to PSOhub. But also create a company directly in PSOhub.

Click on 'Contacts' and select 'Companies'

Click 'Create' and start creating your company.

A window will open give the following information about the company:

  • Name: Input here the name of your company

  • Domain name: Input here the website of your company

  • Address: Input here the address of your company

  • Postal code: Input here the post code of your company

  • City: Input here the City of your company

  • Region: Input here the Region of your company

  • Country: Input here the Country of your company

When your company is created, click on the company and it will bring you to the company page. All information is displayed here.

To 'Edit' the company details or 'Delete' click on the drop down menu of the 'More' button to do so.

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