We are proud to bring you our summer release that is packed with new features to further improve your workload and capacity planning. Major new components in this release are described below, followed by various minor improvements on already existing components of PSOhub.


Task Capacity

The new task capacity screen allows for you to see how far your resource have been allocated with tasks for a specific month. The number of tasks that a resource can handle each month can be set in your user profile within user management.

Each resource that can be assigned to tasks is shown here with the number of tasks, completed and overdue. Also visible is a progress bar to indicate how much room there is left.

On the left side of the screen you will find all of your organization's projects that have unassigned tasks or tasks that do not have a start and/or due date yet. You can select tasks here and assign them right away.

A great new feature is that you can also assign tasks to resources that are not yet in the project. By doing so, they will be automatically be added to a project with their default role (which can now be set at the User level under User Management / Settings).

Note: in order to appear in the Task Capacity, one must have been set up as such in the settings of PSOhub under User Management.

Task capacity details

By clicking on a card for a resource, you can zoom into the specific tasks. You can either view these in a timeline calendar or just as a list. Within these screens, you are always able to make changes to tasks like you are used to.

Task capacity is available for all Trial, Rise & Growth subscriptions.

Project workload

We have changed the name of the calculation sheet to workload sheet.

To give you a better overview of all your workload sheets, there is now a project workload screen that combines all non-closed and/or non-archived workload sheets in one screen.

You can see the totals per project and the grand total below. The data can be filtered and you can zoom into each project to make adjustments or see the actual (usage) details.

We've redesigned the screen to be more responsive and clear so that we can display all projects at once for you.

You will also find here a toggle which will show tasks per month. Once enabled, you can see the number of tasks for each month per project and also zoom in to see the tasks (in the detail screen).

Resource workload

A completely new functionality is the resource workload screen. You guessed it, this shows each available resource's totals and allows you to zoom into a resource to see which projects they are planned for, the hours planned and also the used hours.

We also take the available capacity per year into account now and use this to determine if someone is being overbooked for a month/period. Also, if the usage is too high , compared to the planned hours, we will display an alert.

Resources can be filtered on role and on capacity available so you can easily find the right resource.

From the resource detail, you can directly add a new project for that resource, including the contract line and role. We will automatically add the resource to the project with their default role.

You can also view the assigned tasks for each month and zoom into the tasks by clicking on the number.

Resource capacity

Another new addition is the resource capacity screen.

Here, you can quickly get an overview of all your resource for a specific period:

  • Current year, next year, last month, this month, next month

We will show you the tasks , planned, used, capacity and remaining for all your resources.

Note: in order to appear in the Resource Capacity, one must have been set up as such in the settings of PSOhub under User Management.

Minor improvements

  • You can now create fixed fee expense contract lines, they will behave the same way as a Fixed Fee (for hours). Use the new checkbox, fixed fee expense when creating a contract line to set the amount (this can be done at the contract template - in the Settings of PSOhub - or directly in a project.).

  • Task dependencies! You can select another task that need to be finished first before another task can be started. This is, of course, also available in the templates.

  • When you copy or duplicate a task list with tasks, you can now leave the task list empty to also copy/duplicate the task list itself.

  • Void status. We now support setting an invoice to Void and also synchronize this status from Xero.

  • It is now possible to define a contract line as not active at the contract template level. This means that when you create a project and set it to Active, this contract line will not be set to Active automatically and will not be available for time entry.

  • Add all related roles when added team members. When you add multiple team members you can now also add all available roles to each member.

  • The project dashboard graph should now properly display fixed fee lines with 0 amount but that do have budget.

  • The gant chart has been replaced with a new timeline calendar screen. This screen allows dragging and dropping the tasks and also editing them.

  • It is now possible to add external links to files instead of files within the project files tab.

  • Project managers can now receive notifications if a task is finished in their projects.

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