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Modify a Task board in a project
Modify a Task board in a project

Understand how to modify a Task board within a Project

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In your project, click on the TASKS tab.

When you select a task list, all tasks in this task list will be selected and all tasks can be modified, using the Tasks selected toolbar at the bottom of the page:

Furthermore, individual tasks can also be multi-selected:

The following modifications can be made to the task lists of tasks:


This option allows you to Mass edit tasks:



Start date

Select the start date of all tasks.

Duration (days)

Select the duration of the tasks.

Due date

This is automatically filled when the duration is entered.

Assign to project members

Assign the tasks to members.


Select the priority of that tasks.


Select the status of all tasks.

Move to

This option allows task(s) to be moved to another task list:

Copy to

This option allows to copy a task or multi-selected tasks:


This option allows you to delete a task or multi-selected tasks:

Click Proceed.

Clear selection

This option will clear the selected tasks.

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