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Workload Sheet : Create a detailed budget from a blank canvas and plan resources
Workload Sheet : Create a detailed budget from a blank canvas and plan resources
How to create a detailed budget based on hours and plan team members
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In the following video, you will get an overview of the Workload sheet. To get a global understanding please take a look at the rest of the article below.

In order to create a detailed budget based on hours and team members, you will want to leverage the workload sheet. In your project and the CONTRACT tab, click the ellipsis button and click Workload sheet.

Before you start, validate that the Workload Sheet shows the view Calculation view.

You have the option to bring all your contract lines at once or to only define a detailed budget for one or two single contract lines.

Add all lines

Click Add all lines to bring all the contract lines into the Workload sheet.

When the Confirmation message appears click Proceed.

Once you have all your Contract lines in your Workload sheet, these lines become Budget lines and you can start defining these lines. To do this, click on the green + sign.

Add line

Click Add line to define a single contract line.

A pop-up window will appear: select the contract line for which you want to create a detailed budget line.

Click on the drop-down menu and select the contract line.

Back in the Workload sheet, the new contract line will be displayed. Click on the + sign to define this new budget line.

The Add/Edit resource dialog box will appear.:

Fill out the fields using the table below as a guide:



Available project members

Select a resource already added as a team member in the project's TEAM tab.

Other available resources (select a role first)

This is not mandatory.

Add resource(s) available in your organization but not already a team member for the project, by first selecting the required role.

Project role

Select the role (which will determine the rate used for this budget line)


This not mandatory.

Enter a description that explains the purpose of this role.


This field will automatically be populated by the rate of the project role you will have selected earlier.

Click Save.

Back in the workload sheet, the new budget line will be displayed:

Please note:

You can add multiple budget lines under the same contract line by clicking again on the green + sign next to it.

To select another contract line and create budget lines underneath it, simply click on Add line.

Now, you are ready to define the quantity of hours for each month for each budget line.

The current year is broken down by month, by default, but you can use the arrows to navigate to the previous or next year.

Click on the field box to enter the number of planned hours per month. You can press the Tab key to navigate from one month to the other.

Click on Timeline to change the view to a timeline based on budgeted hours per month:

This will also show the hours budgeted for each month but in a linear view.

On the top of the page you see the total of the budgeted hours as well as their value.

At the bottom of each contract line, you will find the total of planned (budgeted) hours and values per month. And at the bottom of the page, you will the total of all contract lines (planned and value) for this project.

When you have completed the workload sheet, you can update the budget of your project by clicking on Update budget. This will update the budget in the Contract of your project.

Note: If no hours have been planned/budgeted resulting in 0 hour values. PSOhub will update the contract line to a 0 value, overwriting any manually entered budget amounts at Contract level. To avoid this, delete the unwanted budget line(s) in the Workload sheet.

Click on the orange arrow to return to the project: your contract lines will now have been updated accordingly.

Back in the Contract, the Budget column will now display the values of your Workload sheet.

Once you start booking time towards this project, you can navigate back to the Workload sheet to view your budget (Planned hours) versus actuals (Used hours).

To do so, you will want to leverage the toggle Actuals.

Click on the toggle Actuals and the view will change to the option between Hours and Amount. Here you will see the Actual value of the contract line(s).

  • Toggle on Amount: At the top, you will see the total amount (value) of Planned hours and the Remaining budget for your project displayed.

  • Toggle on Hours: At the top, you will see the total hours Planned and the Remaining hours for your project.

At the bottom of the page you find the project's Total for Planned and Used amount. When you toggle to Hours the project's Total for Planned and Used Hours will be displayed.

These values will match the project Total at the top of the page.

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