In PSOhub, you can assign multiple tasks from a project or from the Task Capacity, otherwise known as the task backlog.

Choose from the menu Tasks and Task Capacity:

Only the projects that have a task board and have tasks that are not assigned yet to resources will be displayed.

By clicking on the [+] icon the project will expand and will display all the task lists of the project and the unassigned tasks:

You have several options to select tasks from the task list, or even multiple task lists and their tasks:

As soon as you select a task list and/or a task, at the bottom of the page the following menu will appear. Click Edit & Assign:

Note: Click the Clear selection button if too many tasks have been selected or your selection is incorrect, to undo the selection.

The Assign tasks dialog box appears:

An explanation of the above fields are explained in the table below:



Start date

Mandatory field

Duration days

How many days the task needs to be completed in.

Due date

Mandatory field.

If there are no duration days defined, this will be automatically updated once the due date is set.

Assign to project members

Select from the drop-down list, the team member(s) who will be assigned to the task at project level.

Assign to other resources

This option provides the possibility to assign task(s) to members who are not added to the team at project level.

Note: By assigning other members to tasks, these members will be brought into the Project with their default roles and rates.

Click Save.

Now that the selected task list(s) and their task(s) are assigned, these tasks will disappear from the project.

These tasks will be displayed on the card of the resource.

Also, the tasks will be displayed in the timeline and in the list of the resources who have been assigned to the tasks.

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