In the following video you will get an overview of the resource capacity in PSOhub. To get a complete understanding, please take a look at the rest of the article below.

Resource Capacity will provide you with the total capacity for each one of your resources for a specific period.

Choose from the menu Resources and Resource Capacity.

The Resource capacity - Current year screen appears.

The Name column will display all the resources within your organization and business units.

The remaining columns will display the following information for each resource:

  • Projects: The total number of projects where the resource is a team member.

  • Tasks: The total number of tasks (only the ones with a start/end date and excluding milestones) assigned to the resource.

  • Capacity: The total capacity per resource. The total capacity is based on the % of utilization and hours per week defined for each resource (in the Settings of PSOhub under User Management).

  • Planned: The total planned hours per resource. Planned hours are defined at the project level via the workload sheet.

  • Used: The total number of hours booked on projects by each resource.

  • Remaining: The total remaining hours per resource. This value is calculated by subtracting the total planned hours from the total capacity.

  • Capacity %: The capacity percentage of each resource (based on planned hours / Capacity). When you hover over the bar, it will display the number of hours available.

In the top-right corner, you will find a filter which will allow you to filter on:

  • Role

  • Period: i.e. Current year, next year, last month, this month, next month

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