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Updated 26th February 2024

Click the following tour to get an overview of the Capacity Overview in PSOhub. For more in-depth information, take a look at the article below.

The Capacity Overview will provide you with:

  • The overall grand total and remaining capacities of your organization for the current year and subsequent years

  • For each resource, a breakdown of the number of available hours, the total hours of capacity and the total hours planned for the resource. This can all be broken down on a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis

  • The total of used hours and assigned tasks

  • Hours planned for absences, holidays or public holidays

  • The ability to plan your resources on a project

The Capacity Overview will display each available resource's totals and allow you to zoom into a resource to see which projects they are planned for, the hours planned and also the used hours.

The Capacity Overview will display each available resource's totals

Important: To see a resource's capacity, make sure that that their user settings includes task and resource capacity:

To access the Capacity overview, choose from the menu Resources and then click on Capacity Overview.

By default, the Planned view is displayed. This view displays for each resource the total number of hours already planned, as well as the available capacity of the resource for the current year, month or week (depending on whether the Month, Week or Day view has been selected).

The first two columns displays the following information:

  • Available: The remaining and total capacity in hours will be displayed under this column for each resource

  • Total: This indicates the total number of hours planned in projects for the resource over the selected year, month or week (depending on view)

Depending on the view selected, planned hours will be displayed on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Hours are displayed in a bar chart, split into planned hours (green) and remaining hours of capacity (grey). The bar chart will show as red when no capacity remains for that month, week or day.

Note: Planned hours come from the Resource Planning in projects.

Capacity is determined by the user's configured Working days in the tab Capacity of their record (User in the Settings of PSOhub). Administrators have the flexibility to establish custom capacity arrangements for each user. For example, you may have team members with alternating work hours. The capacity for users can be set and updated for individual weeks as required.

At the bottom of the page, the Grand Total displays the number of Planned hours and remaining Capacity.

To see the actual hours spent, click the Used button:

This view will compare the Planned hours against the actual Used hours booked per resource and summed in the Total column.

In circumstances where the Planned hours have been exceeded by the Used hours, the Used hours will be displayed in red.

The Grand Total in this view displays the Planned and Used hours for all resources combined.

You can switch easily to the next or previous year by clicking on the arrows:

You can also switch between Month, Week and Day views for a more detailed breakdown of resource capacity and planning. The view can be changed by clicking on one of the three buttons in the top-left corner.

The Capacity Overview has a filter which can be used to leverage data of the resources:



Resource name

Here, you can enter the name of your resource.


In the drop-down list, all roles will be displayed.

Business Unit

You can filter on the business units within your organizational structure.

Click here for more information on Business Unit.


Tags defined at resource level can be used to filter.

In the Capacity Overview, you can click on the resource's name to drill-down and see how the planned or used hours have been allocated across their assigned project.

In the example below, resource Sofie van Dijk has been selected from the Capacity Overview. A list of all contract lines that Sofie has been planned against will show in the dropdown, displaying her planned and used hours.

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