A small release this time but with some important improvements for PSOhub.

Import data

You can now import bulk data of projects, hours and expenses using our new import from an excel page. Please see the related article for more info and for the templates to use when uploading your data into PSOhub.

Edit hours & expenses for other users

If you are defined with the access level Admin or Controller, you can now modify the hours and expenses of your users. You can change contract lines or even allocate the time or expense to another project (as long as the user is a team member of that project).

You can edit the records directly in the related sections of your project:

Or via the Hours list under Time & Expenses.

Cost rate

We have added a cost rate field to the roles. This will allow you to define a standard cost rate per role.

And at the project level, to define a cost rate per employee should you need to.

You will be able to report on the cost of your hours via our PSOhub Odata feed as well as via the "Export to Excel" feature (found in the Hours list of your projects or in the menu Time & Expenses). In both cases, you will find the cost rate per entry as well as the calculated cost for each entry (based on Qty of hours X cost rate).


We have made the creation of your detailed budget a little faster.... You can now add at once all the contract lines of your project's contract in the workload sheet.

We've added a filter in the Invoice List: you can now report on invoice paid date.

Due to general demand we've added the possibility to edit the left panel of your projects at the bottom of the section. It is the same option as the one location under the More button.

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