You can import project data, hours and expenses in PSOhub. In this article you will learn how to import expenses.

Understanding Import Expenses

The functionality of Import Expenses will allow you to import expense entries related to existing projects.

In order to import expenses you need to use a specific template (see below) which comes with example data to illustrate how to populate the columns.

Important guidelines regarding the Import Project template:

  • Your projects, contract lines, expense categories and team members, must already been created in PSOhub prior to importing the data.

  • The columns Expense categories and Description are mandatory fields in PSOhub and therefore must be completed in the Excel sheet.

  • The order and the names of the columns should not be modified , doing so can cause issues with importing the data

Learn how to Import Expenses

The functionality is located in the Settings of PSOhub under Historic Data. When you click on the dropdown arrow of the More button, you can choose between the following three options: Import projects, Import hours, Import expenses.

When selecting Import Expenses, you will find the following screen. To upload your .xlsx file, click in the doted rectangle.

Once you upload the file, PSOhub will display all the details of your data allowing you to make a final validation of the data and delete, should you need to, one or more records.

To process the imported data, click the corresponding button:

The following message will appear:

Click Proceed. Once the data is processed, the following message will be displayed:

When you click OK, and if there was no error in the file, you will be brought back to the Historic Data page. If there was an error, PSOhub will then indicate what information is incorrect or missing.

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