Another Service Update from PSOhub for this month. This time we are introducing a new license plan as well as some few minor improvements.

Base license

We are pleased to introduce the Base License. With this license, you are now able to make full use of our project and task management but without the contract management and invoicing functionalities.

Check out the new license at:

Minor improvements

  • The region field for a company can now be used in the custom invoice;

  • We are now checking to see if a smart invoice is ready to be generated each hour instead of once a day. This should help users that are in different parts of the world to have their invoices generated correctly;

  • We've improved the calendar to now show the time entries on the correct times in different time zones;

  • You can now set an expected end date in the past, just make sure its not before the project start date;

  • We have also added the Project type table and field and Project Manager field to the PSOhub Odata feed.

Enjoy !

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