In the following video you will get an overview of resource management in PSOhub. To get a complete understanding, please take a look at the rest of the article below.

Resource Management

To assess your Work Capacity and Plan your Projects, PSOhub uses Workload Management, Hours per Resource per month and Task that need to be performed in that period for our Project.

Resource management has three elements, Resource Workload, Project Workload and Resource Capacity.

Resource Workload will provide you with the overall total and remaining capacities of your organization. For each resource, the number of planned hours/tasks and booked (used) hours/assigned tasks per month. This shows each available resource's totals and allows you to zoom into a resource to see which projects they are planned for, the hours planned and also the used hours.

Project Workload will give you a better overview of all your workload sheets. The project workload screen combines all non-closed and/or non-archived workload sheets in one screen. You can see the totals per project and the grand total below. The data can be filtered and you can zoom into each project to make adjustments or see the actual (usage) details.

Resource Capacity you can quickly get an overview of all your resources for a specific period Current year, next year, last month, this month, next month.

We will show you the tasks, planned hours, used hours, capacity and remaining capacity for all your resources.

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