In PSOhub you can send emails from the Project screen. You will find this feature in the left side panel of the project screen.

The first time you click on the icon Send Email, the following screen will appear:

Once you select one of the two possible connections, you will be asked to allow PSOhub to access your Google (or Outlook) account. Hit Continue.

The following confirmation pop-up window will be displayed:

From there you will be able to create an email with an existing contact in PSOhub.

Once you hit Save, the email will be sent to the contact and will appear in the Activity feed of the project. It will also appear in the Sent emails of your Google or Outlook account.

As well as in the Activity feed of the related deal as a notification that an email has been sent; the content of the email will only be displayed at the project level.

Finally, note that any reply to the initial email will not appear in the activity feed of both the project and the related deal in your CRM.

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