It is finally here, the much anticipated Gantt chart has arrived for everyone to use! Next to this great addition, we have more good news.

With this version, you can now make full use of almost all the functionalities of PSOhub on your mobile. Simply go to and login.

Please see the release notes below for more information regarding all changes and fixes we have released.

Gantt Chart

We have implemented a new Gantt chart that will offer everything you ever needed in regards to planning and managing your tasks. Please see the video below for a short introduction and the key features.

The Gantt chart is available within the project's TASK BOARD tab and within the full page task board screens.

Next to this, we also have a menu option for the Gantt chart. Here, you can find a single Gantt that will show all the Gantt charts of your projects marked as a Favorite for a great overview of all your projects at once!

PSOhub Mobile

With this version, we have added a mobile version of PSOhub that allows for almost each functionality to be available on mobile devices. For this, we have created a fully responsive interface that will support any mobile device.

Simply head to and sign in and you will land in the new dashboard.

Kanban board

We have made a change to the board view of the task board. Based on feedback of our customers and from this version on, the task board will now be displayed as a Kanban board.

We have also further improved the speed and overall look of the board to better deal with larger boards and allow for smoother dragging and dropping.

Other improvements

  • We have slightly changed the menu structure: under Projects we have now grouped together the related sections, Projects, Invoices (where you can directly invoice your projects) and finally Archive (where you can access all your archived projects):

  • We have added the field Description to the Export of hours with tasks.

  • We have added the Note field to be displayed in the left panel of your invoice; you can access it and modify it via the More button located in the middle panel of the invoice:

  • The Mark as favorite button is now under the activity buttons of the project. Marking a project as a favorite will also mark the task board as a favorite but most importantly it will include them in the overall Gantt chart:

  • We have split the dashboard in a project into a PROGRESS and PREDICTIVE tab:

  • Changing the time in your Outlook or Google calendar will now also update the time in the PSOhub timesheet (update occurs once a day).

Bug fixes

  • The description of a time entry will now properly save within the grid again.

  • Team Member Plus can edit their own expenses and also export them again.

  • When copying a task the name of the task can be edited and will not be replaced by the name of the task list underneath which it has been copied.

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