To kick off 2022 we present you with a service update that will help improve your PSOhub experience even more.

Team member access level

A user with the access level set to Team member now has access to all task boards where he/she is part of the project team and where the project is active. The team member (and also team member plus) has now full access to All Tasks and the Gantt and they can manage everything within the board.

This was a much requested feature and brings the functionality more in line with other task management software like Asana, Monday and Trello.

Smart invoicing

We have made a change so that projects that have various contract lines with smart invoicing and a due date on the same day, end up on the same invoice, i.e. Retainer, Installments and Recurring.

For monthly T&M, if you have multiple lines you will now have only one invoice.

Minor improvements

  • We now show the date of the meeting instead of the creation date when you log a meeting in activities

  • The export of hours now includes the project role for each time entry

  • Timesheet calendar items that are synced from your calendar and assigned to a project now correctly turn (dark) green

  • You can now directly set a default role in the user management if you change the project roles for a user

  • The total cost rate for a project is now available from the Odata feed

  • The Xero Invoice id, Invoice Number and URL are now available from the OData feed

  • The invoice detail lines are now available from the OData feed

Improvements to the Quickbooks integration

  • QB will now receive the full customer information from PSOhub, also when data is changed.

  • QB will also receive the full name of the invoice contact.

  • If you have set payment terms on the customer in QB, we will now apply these over the due date from PSOhub.

  • The description of the contract line item will be added to the invoice line description and brought over to the invoice in QB.

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