Only through project management best practices, will your performance become better, faster and more efficient when compared with previous results.

When using PSOhub and managing the progress of your project, it's highly recommended to first build out your tasks in a Task Board/Task List prior to working with the Gantt chart. Please refer to one of the following articles to get you started:

The Show board (Kanban) or Show list views give you the best visibility to review the structure of your tasks, assign team members, milestones, priorities and checklists.

The example below, displays the tasks in the Show List view:

Tip: Make sure your tasks have start and due dates, otherwise the tasks will not appear in the Gantt chart.

If task dates are unknown or for easy review of your project plan, set your task lists to the same date range and amend them in the Gantt chart, where you will have clear visibility of the time lines.

For example, you can select an entire task list in the Show board (Kanban) or Show list view and edit them. In the below screenshot, you will see that the Go Live task list has been selected by the check box. The Tasks selected dialog box appears where you can click Edit and enter a broad date range for the related tasks.

In the below Gantt chart, you will see the Go Live tasks with the same timeline. By selecting each task time bar you can adjust the timeline by dragging and dropping:

Once you have the desired structure and content for your tasks, you can use the Gantt chart to adjust the milestones, progress and dependencies. Refer to Introduction to Gantt charts for further information.

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