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Planning resources via the Resource workload or how to scale up resources
Planning resources via the Resource workload or how to scale up resources
How to scale up on resources when your team's availability is limited in your project?
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Scaling up or otherwise known as "Resource levelling" is used when limits on the availability of resources are paramount. It simply answers the question ‘With my current resources available, when will the project be finished?’

There are sometimes moments during a project when the assigned resources are not sufficient to complete the project on time and/or within budget. Using PSOhub, we can leverage resource management to review all resources' capacity across your organization and draw them in based on their role and availability.

Choose from the menu Resources and Resource Workload.

In the example below, the Project Manager, Silvia Staphorst has reached her capacity level. However, Sally Hansen, who is also a Project Manager in the organization has sufficient capacity to step in and relieve Silvia of some the workload:

To assign an additional resource to a project, click on their name in the above view.

In the following screen, click Add project:

The Add project dialog box appears. Here, you can select or search for the name of your project and click Save:

Next, select the contract line where you wish to assign your resource and their role and click Save:

The project is displayed in the Workload Sheet where you can begin to plan/budget hours for your new resource.

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