There are numerous reasons why a project budget needs updating, for example, change in scope, under-financed, unmet deadlines, etc.

The article below will explain how you as a project manager can change the budget from your Project Workload.

Choose from the menu Resources and Project Workload:

The Workload by project page appears:

If you have multiple projects, you may need to click Filters to narrow down the results.

Click on the link for the required project:

The project opens in the Workload sheet view:

The Calculation button is selected by default. For the desired Contract line(s), edit the budget accordingly and click the Update budget button to save it to the Contract.

Resources can also be planned here. Refer to Create a detailed budget and plan resources.

The Confirmation dialog box will appear, explaining the new budget will overwrite the existing one for the contract lines:

Click Proceed.

Return to the Contract to check that the Contract line(s) have been updated in the Budget column:

For a recap on how to create your budget, please refer to Create a detailed budget and plan resources.

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