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We are proud to present PSOhub 2.4 to you! Within this release, you will find several new features and, in addition to that, a lot of small improvements to current functionalities that were requested by many of you in the past couple of weeks.

Booking time directly on a Project

We have increased the number of ways to log time in PSOhub!

  • When in a project, going to the section Show all related hours will now also allow you to book hours on that project as well as filter, view Totals and export to Excel these hours. And we've done the same for the Expenses!

Project Wizard

To make it faster and easier to setup your project, we have made a wizard to help you do this. If you create a new project directly in PSOhub, you will be able to go through the steps of adding the project details, selecting templates and adding a team right away (note that step two and three are optional at this stage).

You will also notice that the project stage is set to Active by default which means that your team members will be able to book time right away. You can use the dropdown arrow should you wish to change the status to Proposal.

For deals from CRM systems, there will be a quick start button present on the newly created project to also have access to this functionality.

PSOhub Checklist

To help new users get used to the system and explore our core functionalities we have added a checklist as a get started helper. In this checklist you get a short video that explains each feature, followed by an assignment to create your first project, tasks, hours and invoice.

Be sure to complete your list and earn star points because they come in handy in the near future!

Absence Calendar

We have added an absence calendar to the Organization Settings. In this calendar, you can register known absence, holiday or public holiday for your resources. Note that only people with the access levels Admin or Controller are able to add absences for resources.

When assigning tasks to users, there will be a check to see if a resource is known to be absent in that period and a warning will appear.

For the workload sheet, if absence is known, an icon will show which allows you to quickly see when someone is known to be absent.


  • The selling rate and the Total columns are no longer visible for people with the access level Team Members in both the hours grid and the export to Excel file.

  • Invoices sent to Xero are currently placed under "awaiting payment" when the invoice settings of PSOhub is set to "Automatically send invoice to the customer". If this box is unchecked, invoices will now be placed under "awaiting approval" when pushed in Xero.

  • The project name is now added to the reference field when an invoice is sent to Xero.

  • You can now filter on project type in the Project Workload overview

  • The notification of being added to a project now also shows to which customer it is related.

  • In the Expenses section of a project, the column User has been added.

  • In the overall Expenses in PSOhub, you can now filter on Users.

Bug fixes

  • Booking time on an internal project will now properly generate a grid line for the internal project instead of just showing INT.

  • You can no longer sign up for a free trial if your organization is already known in PSOhub.

  • You can now longer sent multiple invites to the same email address for a user account.

  • We now check before sending an invoice if a contact is known to prevent errors while sending. A popup will appear to fill the contact if empty.

  • Adding time in the timesheet grid on the weekend now longer shows two description fields.

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