In the Absence Calendar, you can register a known absence, holiday or public holiday for your resources.

Note: Only people with the access levels Admin or Controller are able to add absences for resources.

Register an absence

Click the gear button to select the Settings:

Click the gear icon for Settings

Choose from the menu Absence Calendar:

Choose from the menu Absence Calendar

The Show Calendar view appears by default but you can also click on the Show list button:

Show Calendar button

Today's date is highlighted in blue by default. Click Create to register a team member's absence:

Absence Calendar

The following dialog box appears:

Add or Edit Non-Availability dialog box

Complete the following fields:



Start date

Start of absence from 00:00 am

Up till

End of absence is until 23:59 pm / 11:59 pm


Reason for absence


Select from:

  • Holiday

  • Public Holiday

  • Absence

Show warning when assigned tasks in absence period

Select Yes or No, if you require a warning when a task has been assigned to a resource during their absence period. It's recommended to select Yes.

Select resource(s)

Select one, multiple or all resources.

Click Save. The new absence entry will appear in the Show calendar view:

Absence calendar

Conflict between a registered absence and an assigned task

When a registered absence conflicts with an assigned task for the resource(s), the following warning appears:

Conflict with absence period dialog box

Here, you have two options:

  • Reschedule or reassign the task to another resource(s).

  • Ignore the conflict.

Reschedule or reassign the task

From the conflict warning shown above, click the Cancel button:

Task dialog box to reschedule or reassign task

In the above, you can change the date of the task or assign it to another resource(s). Then, click Save.

Keep registered absence

When a conflict appears and you wish to ignore it, simply click the Cancel button:

Conflict with absence dialog box

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