Create a new project with a contract template of your choice. The example below is using the Consultancy contract template:

From the Contract, click the TASK BOARD view

Click on the TASK BOARD tab and create three new tasks with set dates where at least one resource is absent. For this example, team member Angie Jolie has annual leave on 28th February to 1st March:

Absence Calendar
Task list view

Choose from the menu Tasks and Task Capacity:

Choose from the menu Tasks and Task Capacity

Expand your project so you can see all unassigned and unscheduled tasks:

Task Capacity page

Click on the one of the tasks and assign to the resource who is absent during the assigned schedule. In this case, Angie Jolie. Once the task is saved, a conflict with appear:

Conflict with absence period dialog box

To reassign the task to another resource or reschedule, click Cancel. To ignore the conflict, click Save anyway.

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