Resource planning has become easier in PSOhub, where not only can you allocate tasks to team members based on their capacity, skillset and best fit for the job, but also on their planned absence.

Choose from the menu Resources and Project Workload:

The Workload by project page will appear.

As projects accumulate where the workload sheet has been leveraged, you can use the Filters function to narrow down your project search, by Customer, Business Unit, Stage (Project or Quote), Project Type or Tags:

Following the search, on the left-hand side, you can click on your desired project:

The Workload Sheet will appear. Click the Add all lines button to insert all Contract lines. For one of the Contract lines, add a resource who has absence booked. The Show absence icon will appear on the contract line. Click on this icon:

Workload Sheet page

The conflicts will appear, in this instance between February and April:

Conflict with absence period

Close the window.

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