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Introduction to Multi-Currencies
Introduction to Multi-Currencies

Understand how multi-currencies work at organisation and project level

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PSOhub can support multiple currencies for quoting, contracts, time and expense tracking and invoicing. By leveraging Multi-currency, you can:

Why do you need Multi-currency?

This functionality is intended for projects that are in a different currency than the base currency of your organization.

License plan

To have access to Multi-currency, you need to subscribe to the Growth Enterprise license plan.

CRM and Accounting support

Your CRM and accounting solutions should allow multi-currency and leverage the same currencies as PSOhub's Growth Enterprise license plan.

Please note that at this moment the multi-currency integration is only available for QuickBooks, Xero, Exact online and Twinfield.

The multi-currency integration with MoneyBird and Bexio is not available currently but is scheduled for a future release in Q2 2022.

Multiple organizations

If you are set up with multiple organization in PSOhub, you will be able to set the base currency per child organization as well as multiple currencies at the master and child level.

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