Create a currency

Go to the Settings (gear icon) and choose from the menu Currencies:

Go to Settings (gear icon) and click Currencies

In the Currencies page, you will see the base currency of your organization:

PSOhub will automatically create this currency based on the selection you made when you created your organization.

To add a currency simply click Add currency and the following dialog box appears:

The Currencies dialog box to add your new currency

In the Currency field, begin to type the first few letters of the desired currency or scroll through the drop-down list. Next, enter the Exchange rate for the currency and click Save.

The new currency will appear in the Currencies list:

Change the rate of a currency

To change the exchange rate, you will first need to archive the currency with the current rate and then recreate the currency with the new rate.

Note: The new currency rate will not be applied retroactively to ongoing projects, only to new ones. The archived rate will still be leveraged for already existing projects.

How to archive a currency

Select the desired currency from the Currencies list:

In the Edit currency dialog box, click the Archive button:

The following Confirmation dialog box will appear. Click Proceed. As the message states: The archived rate will remain and still be leveraged for already existing projects. You can add a new exchange rate for this currency which will be leveraged for all new projects.

In the Currencies list, you will see a switch where you can view all archived currencies. Click on the switch:

Here, you will see all archived currencies. Click on the switch to return to the main currency list:

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