The PSOhub 2.6 edition of PSOhub is bringing two of the biggest changes yet. You can read a short summary below but be sure to check out the articles and videos for more in depth view into these great new features.


We are now supporting multi-currency for all organizations with a Growth license. Within your organization settings you can now add multiple currencies and add an exchange rate.

Within each project, you can select a currency that will be used. Also, roles can and need to be defined for each currency.

Of course we now also check for the currency in your CRM and make sure the project has the same currency. When invoicing, depending on your financial integration and subscription there, we can invoice in the correct currency.

Please find more detailed information in the article below:
Introduction to Multi-Currencies


Did you ever want to expand your organization but decided not to do so because PSOhub didnt support multiple organizations? With this release, you can now add organizations that are connected to your own organization.

We have also introduced a new user setting called 'Super Admin'. This will allow you to create organizations but furthermore, switch between them and manage everything you need in there.

Please find more detailed information in the article below:

My Absence

In our last release, we introduced the Absence Calendar.

With this new release, all users can now book their absence from within their own calendar. Please note that this does not book hours into their own timesheet calendar but it allows you to get an overview when users are absent.

Please find more detailed information in the article below:

Twinfield Integration

To expand our financial integrations we are now connected to Twinfield. Create your invoice within PSOhub, use the PSOhub templates to send this to your client and the invoice will be booked automatically within Twinfield.

An article will follow shortly.

Share HubSpot connection

PSOhub now has the ability to share your HubSpot connection between organizations. Please note that this only applies if you are using the multi-organization option in the Growth enterprise license plan.

When enabling this setting, a new drop-down list appears within the Create Project Quick Setup wizard. All organizations can now select a deal to promote to a project, directly in PSOhub!

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