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How to create a project in PSOhub using a different currency?
How to create a project in PSOhub using a different currency?

Understand how to create a project in PSOhub with a currency that is not the organization's base currency

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When your organization is serving clients using a different currency than your own, PSOhub can manage these projects where quotes, contracts, time-tracking, expenses and invoices are required to be in a different currency.

When creating a project, you will now notice a new Currency field, where you can select your desired currency as set up in the Currency settings.

Once you have completed this first step, click Next to proceed to the step 2, Setup Contract. In the Contract template drop-down list, select your template:

If the Contract template has a related task board template and/or workload sheet template, you can add them to your project. Then, click Next:

In step 3, Add Team, you will see the below message. Typically, at this stage you would be able to select team members belonging to your organization to the project. However, we are looking to work in a project with a different currency to your base currency. In this case, you will have to manually add your team members and their roles in the currency of the project, once the project is created. Click Create to complete the project:

Your new project will appear with your chosen currency reflected in the fields Currency, Deal amount, Total project value and the Contract lines:

If you had values in the template you selected, you will notice that they now appear in the currency of the project. PSOhub has brought these values as absolute values from the template. In the project, you can change these values to meet the agreed amounts and budgets as signed-off between your client and your organization. To change these values, click on each contract line.

Once your contract is ready, you can start booking time and expenses. These will be booked against the project currency.

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