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Working with a Contract using a different currency
Working with a Contract using a different currency

Validate that your Amount and Budget values are using a different currency

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Once your new project using a different currency has been created, you can complete the contract Amount and Budget values.

The example below, is using a contract template for the Swedish Krona where only the first contract line has Kr 1.000 in the Amount and Budget fields. You can also see that the Subtotal and Total fields are in Krona.

To edit the contract lines, you can click on the lines, one at a time and change the default Amount, Budget, Billing type, Tax category, Revenue account and Smart invoice values. The below example, shows that the default value for the first contract line for the Amount and Budget has been edited from Kr 1,000 to Kr 1,500. The Total value is also updated.

The completed Contract looks as follows:

The Subtotal and Total values have been updated and the Total project value has been updated from Kr 0,00 to Kr 3,500.

To view the project contract in your organization's company/base currency, click the ellipsis button and select Company currency:

The contract will display each contract line in your company's base currency.

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