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Budget and resource planning in the Workload Sheet with a different currency
Budget and resource planning in the Workload Sheet with a different currency

Understand how to use the Workload Sheet to budget with a different currency

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In the following video, you will get an overview of the Workload sheet:

The purpose of the Workload sheet is to create a detailed budget based on planned hours and resources.

Click the More button and select Workload sheet:

The Workload sheet page appears. Notice that the currency is identified. Click the Add line button to insert the two contract lines to be budgeted.

In the Calculation line dialog box, select the line(s) to be budgeted. In this example, lines 5.002 and 5.003 and click Save:

Both contract lines will appear in the Workload sheet. Next to each contract line you will find a + button. Click this + button to add a resource whose hours will be planned for this project:

In the first Add/Edit resource dialog box, one resource has been added by only selecting the role (the team member at this stage has not been assigned to the project). In the second entry, a team member and their role has been selected.

Note: The role's hourly selling rate appears in the project currency, in this case Swedish Krona:

Click Save to return to the Workload sheet. From here you can plan the number of hours per resource. Below, 5 hours have been planned for April for both resources, giving a total of 10 hours equalling Kr 3,000 (10 hours x Kr 300 per hour):

Click the Update budget button to save the budget to the Contract and return to the project. Click the Proceed button when the following Confirmation dialog box appears:

In the Contract, the Budget values for the two contract lines, Subtotal and Total have been updated:

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