The invoicing process is no different with the project currency as with the organization base currency. Please refer to the article Create an invoice.

In the project and the CONTRACTS tab, click Create invoice. The following dialog box appears:

Select contract lines to create invoice

Select the end date for the invoice period. The contract lines related to the invoice period will appear in the project currency. In this case, Swedish Krona. Select the contract lines to be invoiced using the check boxes.

Click the Create button to display the draft invoice. the Amount, Invoiced and To be invoiced fields are in the project's currency:

Draft invoice

Click the Preview button to create a draft pdf version of the invoice. The draft is also displayed in the project's currency:

Back in the Invoice module, click Send invoice to immediately send to your client or to your integrated accounting software.

Please note that: your accounting solution should allow multi-currency and leverage the same currencies as PSOhub's Growth Enterprise license plan.

Also note that at this moment the multi-currency integration is only available for QuickBooks, Xero, Exact online and Twinfield.

The multi-currency integration with MoneyBird and Bexio is currently not available but is scheduled for a future release in Q2 2022.

When you return to the project, you will see the contract lines have been marked as Invoiced:

To display the contract values in the organization's (company) base currency, click on the More button and select Show in company currency:

The contract values are now displayed in your organization's (company) base currency. In this case, Canadian Dollars:

To return to the project's currency, click More and select Show in project currency:

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