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Introduction to multi-organizations
Introduction to multi-organizations

Understand how multi-organizations work in PSOhub

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Important: To leverage multi-companies, you must subscribe to the Growth Enterprise license plan.

If your company has multiple organizations, it is possible that you wish to separate their projects and financials. This also means that you can prevent company A project data from being accessed by company B.

How to work with multiple organizations?

The organization (company) that you registered your PSOhub license becomes the Master company. The example below, demonstrates that Top Consulting is the Master company.

To create a new organization, click on your Profile and hover over your Master organization name. A side-menu will appear where you can click on Manage organizations:

The PSOhub Organizations page appears:

To create a child organization, click the Add organization button. The Organization Quick Setup dialog box appears:

In step 1, enter, the Name and Currency of your organization, time zone and date format. You can have the child organization in a different currency and time zone in PSOhub. This step is no different to when you first signed up your Master organization to PSOhub. Then, click Next to move to step 2:

Organization Quick Setup step 2: Copy Template Data

In step 2, it's very important to know which existing settings data you wish to copy over to the new organization. The question you should ask yourself is, do I need to copy the existing roles, contract templates, task board templates, invoice settings, project settings, expense categories and tax categories? Select the checkboxes where data is required to be copied. Click Next for step 3:

Organization Quick Setup step 3: Invite users

At step 3, you can invite your users (team members) to your organization. To add a user, click the link add another email address and click Create.

Important: A user cannot be part of multiple organizations. A super admin will be able to navigate between organizations. However, the other users won't, even the users assigned with access level Admin.

  1. If you need a user to be in multiple organizations, he/she will need to have a unique email account for each organization.

  2. If you need to transfer a user from the master organization to the child organization, you will need to follow the steps below:

    1. In the master, open the record for the user and change the email address (best practice is to first identify where the user is currently located).

    2. Deactivate this user.

    3. Invite the user with the correct email address.

Once you click Create, PSOhub will bring you to the General page. The name of your organization will appear as your profile together with your organization details. Here, you can complete the remaining fields:

When all the Organization info has been entered, click Save.

Now continue with completing the general settings.

Note: Remember to integrate with PSOhub, the related CRM organization for that child organization as well as with the financial/accounting organization to that child. For HubSpot users, please refer to article Share HubSpot and multi-organizations for the two options.

When you're back in the Master organization, you will see your new organization displayed:

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