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Share HubSpot and multi-organizations
Share HubSpot and multi-organizations

Understand how HubSpot integrates with multi-organizations

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PSOhub supports two types of integration with HubSpot.

  1. If you have multiple HubSpot accounts for each one of your organizations, you will relate them one by one in the Integration tab of your child organization.

  2. If you have one HubSpot account that is leveraged for all of your organizations, you will have to follow the steps below.

Once you have created all of your child organizations, go to the Settings (gear icon) of your MASTER Organization and choose from the menu Marketplace. Scroll down to the Customer relationship management (CRM) category and under HubSpot click on Settings:

The following dialog box appears.

By activating the switch to share the HubSpot connection with child organizations and saving, you will now be able to create a project from a HubSpot deal but only directly in PSOhub. The feature to create a project in HubSpot will be disabled, and you will get the following message:

When you create a new project in PSOhub and you're connected to multiple organizations, the Project Quick Setup wizard will present the field HubSpot Deals:

All the deals in HubSpot not related to a project in PSOhub will be displayed. Here, you select the field and the desired deal immediately from HubSpot: you can type the first letters to autopick your deal or scroll through the list:

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