All team members can book their absence from within PSOhub's Absence Calendar. This will enable project managers to easily track the attendance of team members and better manage project, task and resource planning.

Note: that this functionality does not book hours into a team member's timesheet calendar but it allows you to get an overview when members are absent.

Choose from the menu Time & Expenses and My Absence:

The My Absence page appears:

To plan your absence you can do one of the following:

  • Click on a date in the calendar, or;

  • Click the Create button.

Using one the options above, the following dialog box appears where you can plan your absence:

Enter the date range of your absence, a description and select the absence type as shown above. Then. click Save.

By default, your absence will appear in the Show list view, but you can toggle to the Show calendar view using the buttons as highlighted below:

Manage absence

Note: Only users with Admin and Controller access levels will have an overview of the project team's absence.

The Admin and Controller can click the gear button to select the Settings:

Click the gear icon for Settings

Choose from the menu Absence Calendar:

Choose from the menu Absence Calendar

The My Absence calendar will appear. You can navigate through the months or click on the Show list or Show calendar buttons to provide the desired overview:

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