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Create a project from HubSpot, Sales Force or Dynamics 365
Create a PSOhub project from a Dynamics 365 opportunity
Create a PSOhub project from a Dynamics 365 opportunity

Understand how to create a PSOhub project from a Dynamics opportunity

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To create a PSOhub project from an opportunity in Dynamics 365, open PSOhub and choose from the menu Projects and Projects:

Once in the Projects list, click the Create button. The Project Quick Setup dialog box appears. After entering the Name of the project, click in the Dynamics 365 opportunities field and from the pop-up list select the opportunity from Dynamics:

Complete the necessary fields and click Next to select a contract template, or skip to ignore adding a template:

If known, select your project team members and click Create:

Your project is now created. The left panel is where you will find the general information and parameters of your project such as:

  • how detailed you want your invoices to be or if you want your smart invoices to be generated first as a draft or sent directly to the client.

  • where to define the project manager of this project so he/she can view it in the dashboards and project's list.

In the right panel you will find the company name and contact(s) related to this project.

You can modify the information in the left-hand pane by clicking Edit.

  • Since this project comes from an opportunity in Dynamics, it has automatically inherited the name of deal as the project name as well as the deal amount.

  • You will also find a link that will bring you back directly to the opportunity at the bottom of the panel.

The right-hand pane will show you and give you access to the different records related to this project; e.g. company, contacts, hours, documents, etc.

  • You will notice that the company as well as the contacts of the opportunities have followed into PSOhub. Note, that PSOhub will also bring over all the contacts in Dynamics related to that company.

The middle pane is the heart of your project. This is where you will:

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