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PSOhub 2.7 - Kanban board & minor improvements May 2022
PSOhub 2.7 - Kanban board & minor improvements May 2022

Kanban board and some improvements

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We are pleased to present our latest PSOhub 2.7 release. This release introduces the Kanban board feature and some small improvements.

Kanban board

By popular request from our customers, we can now map all the stages of your work process by taking your task board and visually present the progress of your tasks using Kanban lanes: To do, Work in progress and Done.
Additional Kanban lanes can be created in the Project settings.

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  • Replace the apostrophe (') character to prevent errors in Exact Online.

  • HTML tags appearing in Notes.

  • Project hours filter styling.

  • Gantt chart refresh after modifying tasks.

  • Two hours added to the timer when logging time to a task.

  • Notes icon consistently appearing in Tasks list.

  • You no longer receive an email about overdue tasks if there are no overdue tasks

  • Extend recurring appointment in Google Calendar creates duplicate entries in the Timesheet calendar.

  • Expense filters and search.

  • Twinfield errors will now appear instead of displaying 'null'.

Additional improvements

  • A Discount contract line is available to specifically award a client a discount and make it visible in an invoice.

Refer to the article Add a discount to an invoice.

  • External links to files can be added within the task FILES tab.

  • You can now "release" hours and/or expenses when sending a credit note so that they can be invoiced again:

  • Within the invoice settings configuration, when using Monthly T&M, you can now configure to only invoice hours of the past month and not everything up until the date of invoicing:

  • We have made it easier to find an existing company in QuickBooks Online by using the email of the contact to find it.

  • We have improved the way we check if QuickBooks invoices have been paid. This check will be done multiple times a day and will automatically update your invoice.

  • The Enterprise Growth subscription plan's multi-currency is now supported for Bexio and Moneybird accounting tools.

  • Search field in the project's ACTIVITY tab:

  • Absence of team members can be filtered from today's date until the end of the current year.

  • Absence icon is available in the Resource Workload overview.

  • Active projects can be deleted if used as a test:

    Refer to the article Delete a project.

  • We can show which filters are applicable for a task board and also, we no longer reset the filters when opening another board:

  • We've added a full screen button for the task board, so that when you are in a project, its easier to go to the full screen view:

  • The new role, Super admin is available to access multiple organizations in the Enterprise Growth subscription plan:

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