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Add a discount to an invoice
Add a discount to an invoice

Understand how to add a discount contract line for invoicing

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Discounts can be added to a project's contract and triggered for invoicing.

In your project's contract, create a new contract line by clicking the Add line button:

Click Add line to add a Discount contract line.

The New/Edit line dialog box appears:

The New/Edit line dialog box appears

Enter a name for the discount line. Your discount will be a fixed amount so you need to select the Fixed fee billing type. The fixed fee will trigger the Discount line option to appear. Select this check box.

Note: The fixed Amount and Budget fields are automatically set to 0 and cannot be amended. Now, click Save.

The contract will appear with the new Discount contract line. You will see that the discount has it's own dedicated icon:

The Discount contract line appears in the project's contract.

Create your invoice, by clicking Create invoice and selecting your invoice contact person and type of invoice (Summary of Detailed).

The Select lines dialog box appears where you can select the contract lines to be invoiced:

Select the contract lines to be invoiced

Click Create to prepare the draft invoice. Then, click the More button and select Add discount:

Click the Add discount button to add the discounted amount

The Select a discount line dialog box appears. There may be cases when you have multiple discount lines for multiple contract groups. Here, you can select the specific discount line(s) to be invoiced by checking the appropriate box and clicking Save:

Select the Discount contract line to be applied to the invoice

The discount line is added to the draft invoice. Select the discount line to add the discount amount:

Confirm that the Discount line is added to the draft invoice

The Contract line dialog box appears. Add the discount amount. In this example, a 15% discount ($ 1,350) has been awarded from the $ 9,000 invoice total:

Add the amount of the discount

Click Save.

The discount is applied to the draft invoice:

Confirm that the amount appears in the contract

Click Preview to review the draft as a document in a separate browser tab:

Review the draft invoice

If you are satisfied with the draft, close the browser tab and return to PSOhub. Click Send invoice. The below message will remind you that you can no longer make any changes should you approve and send the invoice. Click Proceed:

Click Proceed to approve and send the invoice

PSOhub changes the status of the invoice to Sent and the invoice number is reference, along with a copy of the invoice as a PDF file:

The invoice is sent and the invoice number and pdf document is saved in the project
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