Installing the Microsoft PowerPoint BI template

Please download the template from PSOhub:

Save the template on your computer, in a new folder (i.e., \Documents\Powerbi\).

If you don’t have Power BI installed, you can download the Power BI Desktop version for free from the Microsoft App Store: (

Once downloaded, you can open the application and open the template from where you have stored it via Open Reports. Standard Power BI will look for Power BI reports and not templates, so change the extension to .Pbit files:

Open the PSOHub Power BI template, and you'll see that it tries to load the data. Then, the following screen will open to connect to the database:

Select Basic and enter the credentials (must be the credentials with Admin user rights otherwise you won't retrieve all the data) then click Connect!

Depending on your organization’s size, all data will be loaded and you will see the Standard PSOhub dashboard.

From here on you can create you own dashboards, tables,

For more information on how Power BI works, refer to the guided learning pages from Microsoft. We provide no support for Power BI dashboards.

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