In the following video, you will get an overview of how to create a quote (or Statement of Work) in PSOhub. To get a global understanding of quotes in PSOhub, please take a look at the rest of the article below.

Quotes can be created:

  • Directly in PSOhub without a CRM deal/opportunity

  • With a deal/opportunity from HubSpot, Salesforce or Dynamics 365.

The creation of a quote (or statement of work) will always follow the five steps below:

  1. Select your team members and define your rates (optional)

  2. Set up your budget / workload sheet (optional)

  3. Create your project's tasks (optional)

  4. Identify your sales rep and project manager.

Once your quote has been digitally signed by your customer, a project will automatically be created with the above quote information carried across. The quote (or statement of work) will become the project used for tracking hours and expenses and later invoicing.

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