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Integrate with Microsoft Teams
Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Integrate your project with a Teams channel

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In this article, we will explain how to connect and integrate Microsoft Teams with your projects. The purpose of this integration is to easily add a communication channel for a project, auto invite project members and also display alerts and/or activities in that channel.

Before you start, please remember the following important settings/rights:

  • To make use of the integration, it's important that the users who are being set as project managers also have the access rights to create a new teams/channel in Microsoft Teams and are allowed to add new members.

  • Not having these rights will lead to errors on the Microsoft Teams side.

  • The project manager that is configured on a project is the user PSOhub will use to create a teams and also to send the alerts. If a PM is not set, a message will appear that prevents you from proceeding until this has been configured.

How to connect

Each user who wants to make use of the Teams integration, needs to first connect their account to Teams. You can do this via their personal profile, then click on the MARKETPLACE tab:

Note: You can also connect to Teams by clicking on the Gear icon in the main menu and navigating to the Marketplace and Integrations settings:

When you click Connect, you will see the following warning:

If you have the above authority, click Connect and you will see a permission screen:

Click the Accept button.

Note: For best usage, please use a global admin and allow all users to connect.

If you do not have Admin rights, you will need to contact your organization's Admin who manages Azure to either approve the connection or update who is allowed to accept apps such as those mentioned in the paragraph above.

Once you have been approved, you will be taken back to PSOhub and you are ready to go!

Connecting a project to a teams channel

Within a project, you can click the More button to either create a new Teams/Channel or connect to an existing one, by clicking on Share to Teams:

The following Microsoft Teams dialog box appears:

Select the required options to create a new Teams Channel or link to an existing one. Refer to the table below for an explanation of each option:

Teams option


Add project team to Teams

Select this option to automatically add all project members after setting the teams.

Important: Only users who have an active account on your Teams can be added. We are not able to add/invite people if they do not already have an active M365 account and have access to teams.

If users do not have an account, an error message will be displayed for each failed attempt with the email that was used to send the invite.

Sending alerts and / or activities to Teams

You can also allow PSOhub to send out activities and/or alerts. For example, adding a new Contract line or exceeding a Budget can be sent to a Teams channel. You can simply select or deselect the Send activities to Teams or Send alerts to Teams boxes depending on your needs.

Click the Connect button.

Opening the channel from PSOhub

Once everything is set, you can either go to Teams or you can click the shortcut in the More menu:

Alerts and Activities in the channel

We will synchronize new activities every 2 mins to your Teams and they will display as follows:

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