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How to publish a quote to share with your customer?

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When you want to publish a quote (or statement of work) you can either:

  • publish as a pdf

  • publish as a link

Note: The shared Web link of the quote is currently not supported on mobile devices.

Publish as a pdf

There may be scenarios where your customer requests a pdf version of your quote rather than receive a digital link. For example, in a bid or tender process, documentation is required to be uploaded to an RFP (Request for Proposal) portal instead of accepting a digital link.

Before publishing as a pdf, you can click the Preview PDF button:

Your browser will open the pdf preview of your quote as a new tab:

When you're satisfied with the preview, you can close the tab and return to PSOhub.

Note: You can skip the preview and immediately publish.

Here, you can click on the Publish as PDF button:

The following Confirmation message box will appear. Click Proceed if you want to continue:

You will return to the quote, where the status has changed to Submitted. Click the View button to open the pdf.

When the pdf document opens as a new tab, click the PDF button where you can download the document.

The pdf can be emailed to your customer.

Note: When using a quote as a pdf, the Task board and Gantt chart will not be interactive unlike the digital link that will allow you to click on the task board and Gantt chart to view it in its entirety in PSOhub.

Publish as a link

By creating a link, you can send your quote to your customer's contact person. When the quote is delivered, your customer can click the link to view the quote online. If supporting files are attached, the customer can download the files. The quote link remains active until the specified Expiration Date of the quote. The customer cannot edit the quote. Only you, or another resource with the appropriate access level can edit the quote.

When you have reviewed the draft quote and you're ready to send it to your customer, click the Publish as link button:

The following dialog box appears, confirming that the quote was published and a HTML page has been created:

To share the quote with your customer contact, click the Copy button, followed by the Close button.

Create an email, add the copied link and send to your customer.

When your customer receives the quote, they can click on the link which immediately opens in their web browser.
โ€‹Note: The shared Web link of the quote is currently not supported on mobile devices.

Note: The published quote is read-only and can only be edited by the sales rep or another resource with the appropriate access level.

At the start of the quote, they will see the proposed contract with the sales rep's signature:

Next, the Team & Rates section (if applicable) will likely appear blank because team members have yet been confirmed this early in the sales process.

Further down, they will see your task board (if applicable). Below the task board is a link to review the full task board and examine the identified tasks, if resources have been assigned and start and due dates:

Underneath the task board is the Gantt Chart (if applicable). The Gantt is interactive but read-only. You can click on the Zoom to fit button to display the project's timeline. The Expand all button will expand all task lists and display all tasks. Specific tasks can be searched for in the FIND TASKS BY NAME field. As with the task board above, there is also a link to show the full Gantt Chart:

After the Gantt Chart, the Workload Sheet: Overview (if applicable) will display the budgeted/planned hours per role, without necessarily confirming the team member:

The Workload Sheet: Details (if applicable) will display the budgeted/planned hours per contract line and per role:

Note: The total budgeted/planned hours and total value of hours are not rounded off.

At the end of the quote, the customer will see any files that can be downloaded or linked to via a URL:

Back in PSOhub, the quote will receive the status Submitted:

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