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Create a quote from HubSpot, SalesForce or Dynamics 365
Create a quote from a HubSpot deal when you have multiple organizations in PSOhub
Create a quote from a HubSpot deal when you have multiple organizations in PSOhub

How to create a quote (or Statement of Work) directly in PSOhub with multiple organizations from a HubSpot deal?

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Creating quotes or statement of work can take a considerable amount of time. PSOhub makes it easier by leveraging contract templates, teams and rates, budgets and planning. Your quote is published and shared with your customer for digital signing before being promoted to a project.

In this article, we will look at creating and previewing a quote before publishing.

Important: Before creating a quote, please check your Marketplace settings for HubSpot. In the menu bar, click the gear icon and select Marketplace. In the HubSpot tile, you will see a Settings link. Clicking on this link will display the Share HubSpot connection message. By selecting the Share HubSpot connection with all child organizations switch, you can confirming that you wish to share your HubSpot account with multiple PSOhub organizations:

Click Save.

Create quote

In PSOhub, click the Quotes menu:

While in Quotes, click the Create button and the Quote Quick Setup dialog box appears:

For step 1: Identification, please complete the following fields:




The name of the Quote or statement of work.

HubSpot Deals

All deals in HubSpot not related to a project in PSOhub will be displayed. Here, you select the desired deal immediately from HubSpot: you can type the first letters to autopick your deal or scroll through the list.


The quote type which is automatically picked up from the Project type settings.


Select the name of the customer who will receive the quote.


Select the currency for the quote. By default, your base currency will appear.

Due days quote

The number of days the quote is valid for. This is defined in the Quote settings but can be overwritten here.

Sales rep

Select the sales rep in your organization who is responsible for this offer.

Note: the sales rep must be a user in PSOhub.

Click Next for step 2: Setup contract:

Select either a standard template or one of your own custom templates. You may also have a task board template related to the contract template that you want to leverage.

Click Next for step 3: Add team:

At this early stage of this sale/ deal, project team members are more than likely unknown/unconfirmed. In which case, you can skip this step and immediately click Create.

The quote will appear, displaying basic information on the quote and contract template:

Deal promoted to PSOhub quote

In the left-hand pane, click the Edit button to modify the quote details:

Edit Quote dialog box - confirm details

Above, you can edit:

  • the date of the quote

  • the number of days the quote is valid for (the Expires on date updates automatically)

  • the Quote Contact is the person who will receive the quote at the customer

  • change the Sales rep, if necessary. The sales rep will only see the quotes that he/she has been assigned

  • Select a Project manager if known.

Click Save.

In the contract, you can use the Workload sheet to calculate your budget per contract line.

Note: If you already know who will be assigned to your eventual project, you can click the TEAMS tab and select your team members. This will allow you to select the team members in the Workload sheet.

Click the Workload button as shown below:

This is also where you will finalize the quote. I.e., the financial agreement of the deal/sale: fixed fee, T&M, retainer, installments, etc.

Note: The contract template should be defined as with a project. How you configure it will be carried over to the project (including smart invoicing). You can set up installments, retainers and dates at the quote level.

Preview quote

Once you have completed the contract billing information, you can preview the quote.

Click Preview and Publish:

The Publish Quote page appears:

Publish quote dialog box to preview information before publishing

Here, you will see a 4-step process to finalise the quote for publishing.

Step 1: Header: Complete the header information to appear at the top of the quote. This will be displayed in the preview on the right-hand side:



Date and Expiration date

Validate that the start and expiration date are correct.

Created By and Email

This is the Sales rep and email address.

Note: These fields are mandatory for the quote to be published.

Customer and Contact

The customer name will be shown and non-editable. The quote contact person at the customer can be selected, if not already.

Add comments (optional)

Additional text to be added to the header. Standard text can be configured in the Quote settings under Default comment.

Click Next.

Step 2: Quote lines appears:

Here, you can make last minute changes to the contract lines, that will be reflected in the preview opposite.

Note: By default, the Budget (Sales) values are not displayed in the quote. If you require the Budget to appear as an estimate for T&M or Expenses, then open the contract line(s) and check the Display estimate on quote (Budget) box.

Note: If you don't want a contract line to appear in the quote, uncheck the Show on quote box:

Click Next.

Step 3: Footer appears:

In the footer, you can enter text here or set default text in the Quote settings under Default footer. The text will appear in the footer of the preview.

Click Next.

Step 4: Appendix appears:

The appendix allows you to select the relevant material for the quote:



Appendix A: Teams and Rates

Select this check box, If team members and their hourly rates have been defined.

Note: If team members have not been confirmed but the roles have, only the roles will appear in the quote.

Appendix B: Task Board

Select this check box to display the task board

Appendix B: Gantt Chart

Select his check box to display the timeline for tasks and any dependencies.

Appendix C: Workload Sheet Overview

Select this check box to display the total of team member/role planned hours, value of hours and hourly rate for year or across each month. If Team members have not been identified, it be marked as TBD (To be Determined).

Note: If applicable, try to avoid selecting resources as they will appear in the published quote resulting in it being perceived as confirmed resources by the customer.

Appendix C: Workload Sheet Detail

Select this check box to display the breakdown of planned hours for the year or across each month.

If Team members have not been identified, it be marked as TBD (To be Determined).

Note: If applicable, try to avoid selecting resources as they will appear in the published quote resulting in it being perceived as confirmed resources by the customer.

Files: Include files

Here, you can upload a file and/or link to a file. Select the check box to add this to the quote.

Click Preview and Publish.

The complete quote is ready for final viewing. Once you are satisfied with the quote, you can click Publish, click Back to Quote to return to the contract or click Edit Quote to go back to the Step 1: Header of the quote preview.

Complete draft quote in preview

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