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Sign or decline a quote
Sign or decline a quote

Understand how your customer can accept or decline a published quote

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Signing or declining a quote (or statement of work) is a crucial step that determines the future of a sale. The quicker it is, the more chances the contract has of succeeding.

In PSOhub, you can sign a quote in one of two ways:

  • A pdf version

  • Digital link

Sign a pdf quote

When your customer receives the emailed pdf quote and they accept the offer, the decision maker will confirm by providing a signature. The signed quote will be returned to the sales rep. You may even receive a PO number along with the signed quote.

In PSOhub, the sales rep will open the quote and click on the Sign button to confirm that the deal/opportunity has been signed off.

The following Confirmation message box will appear. Click Proceed to continue:

The quote's status will be updated to Signed and PSOhub will take you directly to a newly created project containing all the details from the quote:

In the right-hand pane of the new project, you will see a link back to the quote.

Sign a digital link

When your customer has received your quote (or statement of work) and they are satisfied with it's content, they can accept it by clicking the Sign button:

A signature is required to finalize the contract. You will notice that the Name field is already populated with the quote contact person. The Role of the contact person is required along with a signature:

Click Sign. The sales rep will receive a confirmation via email that the quote has been accepted.

Upon signing you can save the quote as a PDF file:

Back in PSOhub and the Quotes list, the quote will have received the stage Signed:

When you open the quote, the stage is also marked as Signed and you are unable to modify it.

Once a quote has been accepted, PSOhub will automatically create a project with the current stage being Signed (depending on your Quote settings):

Your project is ready to kick-off.

Decline a quote

When your customer is not satisfied with the quote, they can decline it by clicking the Decline button:

The Decline reason dialog box appears, prompting the customer to enter a reason for declining the quote. Click Decline. This information will be sent to the sales rep:

The submitted quote will be marked at the top with the text This quote has been declined!. This is confirmation to the customer that they have indeed declined the quote:

In PSOhub and in the Quotes list, the quote will have the stage marked as Declined:

Based on your Notification settings, you will see an alert and/or receive an email that your quote was declined. To find the notification settings, click your profile and select Notification settings:

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