Quote settings

In the Quote settings you can insert your organization logo to appear at the top of your invoice, enter standard text for comments and footer, change the quote numbering, invoice due days and stage after signing.

To configure your quote settings, click the gear icon in the main menu:

Click the gear icon for Settings

Choose from the menu Quote settings:

In the quote settings, the following can be modified:



Default comment

Enter the opening text or introduction to the quote (statement of work).

Default footer

Enter footer text to appear at the bottom of the first page after the signature.

Organization logo

You can insert your own logo to appear above the header of the first page.

Quote Number

Each quote will be assigned a unique number upon creation, based on the quote default settings. These can be overwritten with your own Prefix and Follow number.

Default settings

The Due days Quote can be configured to suit the payment terms and conditions for your customer.

The Default project stage after signing can also be configured to a stage other than Signed when the quote has been accepted by the customer.

Click Save.

Quote notification settings

Quotes (or statement of work) are the responsibility of the sales rep. During the creation of a quote, the sales rep can assign the quote to themselves or someone else (if they have admin access).

To keep track of the quote's progress, the sales rep can activate their notification settings.

In the main menu, click on your profile and select Notification settings. Here, you can configure your alerts for when a quote is submitted, signed, expired or declined.

Below, you can see two notifications for a signed and published (submitted) quote in the sales rep's PSOhub account:

When you have selected an email notification, the sales rep will receive an email with the current stage of the quote:

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