A quote (or statement of work) can be copied using the existing quotation number to create the next version. Also, by copying quotes, you can link several quotes to one deal.

Note: A quote can be copied from any stage: Draft, Submitted, Signed or Declined.

Open your desired quote (in this example, QUO-2022-18) and in the contract pane, click the ellipsis button and choose from the sub-menu Copy:

The Quote copy dialog box will appear. If the stage of the quote is Draft, Submitted or Declined you will be asked if your wish your quote to marked as declined. If so, select the Put this quote on declined? check box and click Copy. If your quote has been Signed, you will only have the option to Copy:

A copy of your quote appears with a new version number (in this example, QUO-2022-18.1):

In the Quotes list, you will see the original and copied quote reflecting the version numbering and stage change. The copied quote will be marked with the stage Draft while the original will be marked as Declined.

Note: Both of these quotes remain linked to the same deal/opportunity. Therefore, multiple quotes copies will keep their connection to a CRM deal/opportunity.

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