The integration with Dynamics 365 can be done at any given time; it can be done if you already have an existing PSOhub account or whilst you are creating your PSOhub account.

Integrate Dynamics 365 with your existing PSOhub Account

Navigate to the Settings (in the main menu, click on the Gear icon) of PSOhub and go to Marketplace. Here, you will find the three CRM solutions that PSOhub can integrate with:

In the Dynamics 365 tile, click Connect. The following message box will appear, click Proceed.

The following dialog box appears:

Enter the URL for your Dynamics organization and click Save.

PSOhub will confirm the integration when the Connect button changes to Disconnect:

Once you are connected you can create a project in PSOhub and relate it to a Dynamics 365 opportunity:

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Integrate with Dynamics 365 while you create your PSOhub Account

Navigate to

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To Integrate, click on Sign up with Dynamics 365:

The Dynamics 365 page will open, prompting you to enter the URL for your account and email address:

Click Save.

Next, you will be asked to log in.

Once you are logged in PSOhub, you will land on the Academy page which is designed differently as per Access Level:

Note: PSOhub comes with example data of contact, company, projects and invoices to get you familiar with them prior to creating your own. If you wish to get started right away, you can already create a project from a Dynamics 365 opportunity.

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