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PSOhub 2.8.1 - Service Update August 2022
PSOhub 2.8.1 - Service Update August 2022

Two Factor Authentication & minor improvements

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This summer release brings Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to PSOhub. For those who want additional security, 2FA is now available to set up from your personal profile page.

2FA setup

  • Go to your personal account settings (top-right menu, Profile & Preferences)

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Setup Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Minor improvements

  • The Description field in a deal in HubSpot is synced to PSOhub on the creation of a Project/Quote

  • You can now enter a Discount code when purchasing additional users on your subscription page

  • You can directly add a resource to your project team from the Workload sheet

  • In the Quote, you can add a role without a user within the project team. In addition to that, when selecting that role in the Workload sheet, the Selling rate set in the Project team will be used

  • We have added several new Activity feeds:
    - When changing a Recurring schedule date
    - When changing an Installment / Retainer schedule date
    - When a Fixed fee amount has been changed

  • All contacts from HubSpot that are 20+ are now synchronized when you create a deal

  • A setting has been added to QuickBooks to prevent the contact information from being updated every time.

Bug fixes

  • Hours booked on the last day of the month are now always included within the invoice

  • The Exact Online connection test error is resolved

  • Selecting and deselecting the Contract lines to be invoiced will no longer cause the lines to be duplicated within the invoice

  • Expenses are no longer automatically saved when adding an attachment

  • Closed/Archived projects are no longer displayed in the Favorite projects list

  • When a new HubSpot ticket is added to PSOhub, a new contract line number will automatically be added to prevent errors

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