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Introduction to Profitability reporting
Introduction to Profitability reporting

How to get instant visibility on the profitability of your quotes and projects

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Important: Your profitability report is also leveraged in the PSOhub OData feed for custom reporting.

PSOhub offers two profitability reports: one based on Estimates and one based on your Actuals.

The estimated profitability can be viewed at the Quote level or at the Project level.

This report allows you to quickly see and then make appropriate changes to your quote in order to be profitable.

PSOhub's profitability report uses a calculation to determine whether a project is profitable over a given period of time. The report compares actual project revenue and costs to show each project's total profitability.

What can you learn from this profitability report:

  • Did Sales under-sell the project?

  • Is your pricing model accurate - Price, quantity, variable, and fixed costs?

  • Was the work effort under-estimated?

  • Change of scope?

  • Did your resources meet the desired skill set(s) to work on the project?

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