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Create and delete tags
Create and delete tags

How to define tags and apply them across your PSOhub organization

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In PSOhub, tags can be applied to Users, Quotes, Projects, Invoices, Tasks, Contacts and Companies. These tags can be utilised for filtering and reporting purposes.

Tags are managed from the Tags settings but they can also be created on the fly and automatically saved in the Settings.

Choose from the menu, the Gear icon to access the organisational settings.

In the Settings, click the Tags menu:

Tag settings can be found when clicking on the Gear icon in the top menu

Create a tag

In the Tags settings, click the Create tag button. The following dialog box appears:

Enter the name of the new tag and click Save.

The new tag will appear in alphabetical order:

The Tags overview will display who created the tag(s) and the number of instances (Total column) where the tag(s) have been used in PSOhub objects. The example above, shows that the tags Consultancy and Leadership have been used 4 times and 1 time respectively.

Delete a tag

Select the tag to be deleted and click the Delete button:

A confirmation message box will appear:

Click Proceed and all instances of the tag will be removed from all PSOhub objects.

The Tags overview will show that the tag has been removed.

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