After a nice summer, it's time to bring some additional features and value to PSOhub. With this release, we are launching three of the most requested features from all of our users !

Project/Quote profitability

With this release, we have made it very easy for you to get instant visibility on your estimated profitability (for Quotes and Projects) and actual profitability (for Projects).

Within the quote you can switch between the Contract and Estimated Profitability views.

Within the project you can switch between the Contract, Estimated and Actual Profitability views.


Another great new addition is the arrival of the tags functionality. You are now able to add tags to your quotes, projects, invoices, tasks, users, companies and contacts.

Tags can easily be created in the Settings of PSOhub or added "on the fly" by simply typing in the new tag field. This allows you to quickly create new tags or find existing ones.

We have also updated the search field in the toolbar which allows you to search and find all data related to a tag within a single screen!

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Good news for all the Slack users! With this release, you can now connect your Slack environment to PSOhub. By doing so, it will allow you to create channels based on projects or link existing channels to a project.

PSOhub can then send over alerts and activities into that channel and you can open the project directly from Slack! And you can also enable to automatically invite project members to a channel.

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Improvements & Fixes

  • The application is now available in the Dutch language! As a first step, we have translated the application only; notifications / emails will follow at a later stage.

  • The Job title is now available to be added to a custom invoice template.

  • We solved a problem that assigned tasks to a guest account that no longer had access to a project and caused an error when opening My Tasks.

  • We have updated the label for "add task list to task board template" within a contract line so it is more clear that this function is only applicable for existing task board templates.

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