Integration with Slack

How to integrate with Slack

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The following article will explain how to setup your organization with Slack and what the integration will do.

Connecting to Slack

In the main menu click on the Gear icon and go to the Marketplace in your Organization settings. Here, you will find the Slack tile to connect to Slack.

After clicking Connect you will be taken to the Slack permission space that will look like this:

After clicking Allow you will be taken back to PSOhub and you should see a success message:

Creating channels / Use existing channels

To connect a project to Slack, go the the dashboard of a project. Click the ... button and click, Share to Slack

The following screen will appear. Select the required options for creating a new channel or use an existing channel and click Connect:

Once you are connected, you can easily access Slack via the link in the ... menu:

Within Slack, depending on your settings, you will see the alerts and/or activities from PSOhub.

For our privacy policy, the way we handle data storage , please see the following link:

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