Tags (or keywords) can be applied to Resources so that they can be easily identified in searches for many reasons, for example:

  • Skills: Leadership; Problem Solving; Communication; Decision making; Languages

  • Location

  • Qualifications

  • Part-time; Full-time

By applying tags to users in the User Management settings, you can increase your search capabilities in the Resource Workload to review and plan your organization's users. Below, you will see tags applied to a user:

Filter on Tags

Choose from the menu Resources, Resources Workload.

The Workload by resource overview appears, showing all your PSOhub users across your organization. In the top-left hand corner, you will see a Filters button:

Click on the Filters button to see the Tags field. In the Tags field, you can select one or multiple tag (defined in the Tags settings) to filter the projects. In this example, the tag German has been used to define a language skill. When the tag is selected, a Filter active button appears indicating which filter has been applied. By clicking on the X on this button, you will remove the filter. You can also click the Clear button to remove the filter(s):

Important: When selecting multiple tags from the list, the filter will execute the search using the AND condition. For example: "German" AND "Leadership".

In the background, the Workload by resource overview will only display the resource(s) matching the tag(s):

From this result, the project manager knows which resources speaks German and can review their capacity to see who's available to be assigned to a new project. In the example above, Dwayne's capacity is bordering 100%, however, Sandra is fully available.

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